How Dental Implants Are Used in Cosmetic Dental Treatments

How Dental Implants Are Used

Dental implants are artificial roots for the missing teeth which are made of metal and are inserted into the jawbone. They are used as artificial roots for crowns which are replacement teeth for missing teeth. Dental Implants are used for replacing teeth which have been lost due to decay or wear and tear due to age. The basic idea of dental implants was to restore proper functioning of the teeth.

Over the years though, the dental implants evolved to work as a cosmetic tool for the better -looking teeth and an improved smile, in addition to its functionality.

As the technology was getting advanced, so was the versatility of dental implants increased. Teeth are one of the first thing that people notice about people. The first impression we create on people is through our body language and our smile. When the teeth are missing visibly it affects the personality of the person concerned and he or she will shun going into social gatherings.

We have numerous examples of public figures who have used implants to enhance their smiles and have won hearts.

Dental implants with its ability to change not only the smile but along with it change the attitude towards life has helped people cope better with their psychological issues arising out of not only missing teeth but also because of crooked or crowded teeth.

Dental implants can regularize many dental conditions which otherwise would be not easy to go through for adults.

What is the procedure for getting dental implants?

The first thing about considering dental implant is to express your wish to the dentist. The dentist then will explain the whole procedure to you and ask questions. Based on your answers he will inform his team of professionals who will draw out an individualized plan for you keeping in mind your needs. The professional team consists of experts who are trained in dental implant surgery, restorative dental treatment, and cosmetic surgeries. They will prepare a plan which will give you a glimpse of what to expect. The plan consists of the surgeries required and how the team will coordinate the after care.

How do dental implants treatment work?

Dental implants are basically metal (titanium) screws, which will work as a tooth root are inserted into your jawbone where it will be encompassed with bone tissue and will get entrenched in the bone. In a few months when the metal screw is surrounded with enough bone tissue to completely secure it, it is ready to work as a tooth root like a natural root. The next step will be to get an abutment (which works as a connecter between the tooth root and the replaced crown) on top of the screw at the gumline. The abutment is placed so that the replaced tooth crown can be fixed on top of the abutment with tiny screws. It is possible to have more than one tooth on top of one implant.

Sometimes, implants are used to support a bridge or a removable denture too.

Who can get Dental Implants?

Anyone who has a robust health, and healthy and enough jawbone can opt for dental implant treatment. (The implant is held in place by healthy bone tissue that grows around the metal implant). The healthy bone means healthy gums. Gum disease will impede healing process from surgeries. The treatment requires many visits to the dentist. It is important to keep appointments which are scheduled and follow the dentist’s instructions. People who are suffering from chronic disorders like diabetes of hypertension will need more consultations with experts in the field before being considered for dental implants. Radiation affects the healing adversely. People who are in treatment for cancer, will need to take experts advice before commitment.

Dental implants and aesthetics

Your individualized plan will consist of how your smile will look after the treatment. The dentist will sit with you and show you on his computer with the simulated models, variety of smiles possible for you. You have to decide which one you prefer and decide on the shape and size of the crowns that will be fixed on top of the implants to give you the smile you want.

To give you the desired smile, the team will have to work on your gums, bone and frontal teeth to produce smiles that look realistic. In some cases, additional bone has to be added to support and enhance the existing bone structure.

While drawing the plan, the team of professional will consider the colour, texture, size, shape and shade of the teeth in mind.

Cosmetic advantages of dental implants

Neighbouring teeth are not affected; therefore, they remain intact. In other orthodontic procedures, the surrounding teeth have to be polished or scraped to make place for crowns, but in dental implants, there is no such need, and therefore your natural teeth remain intact.

The structure of your mouth is maintained because dental implants reshape your gums and bones and fill the gaps in between teeth so that the cheeks do not collapse inside.

Beautiful appearance: Dental implants look and feel natural which gives a sense of satisfaction with the self.

Natural fluent speech: The corrected teeth make the speech better, which in itself becomes an achievement and adds to the self-confidence of the person.

More comfort because eating and drinking become more comfortable and enjoyable, because you can enjoy most of the foods with dental implants which act as natural teeth.

Oral health improves because almost all teeth are in place and the teeth are supported on roots, which makes for good oral care.

Since implants are longer lasting than other orthodontic prosthetics, it is convenient and relaxing.

And the first and last advantage of dental implants is the increased self-confidence which will go a long way in all the areas of life, be it physical, emotional and psychological. It will help in all your social relationships making you happier.

There is no special care required for implants. You have to follow the strict daily oral hygiene regime though to keep your mouth and gums healthy along with your teeth and implants.