All You Need to Know About Smile Makeover?

About smile makeover

Everyone wants to come across as a pleasant person. The smile is an important part of your personality, and getting a perfect smile is what cosmetic dentistry is all about. Smile makeover is an attempt at getting the person the smile of his dreams, by cosmetic dentists and his team.

While considering smile makeover, the dental team will take upon several restorative and aesthetic procedures to resolve dental issues that will go towards providing a healthy perfect smile. The issues that prevent the person from smiling sweetly varies from person to person, and cannot be met with any one procedure. Each person is unique and present unique dental problems. The cometic dental professionals deal with people as an individual and prepare a plan custom made for him/her. This means that one person may get dental implants, whereas another will get gum reshaping.

Who can benefit from smile makeover treatment?

A good candidate for smile makeover is the one with several dental issues to deal with. For example any combination of stained teeth, cavities, gum disease, chipped or cracked teeth, crooked teeth, widely spaced teeth, improper bite, lost or missing teeth and so on. When you consider smile makeover, the dental problems that ails you also will be solved and end up improving your oral health in particular and your general health in general.

How do you decide to get the smile makeover for yourself?

When you start feeling dissatisfied with your smile, you must talk about it to your dentist during your regular appointment. The dentist will then discuss with you all the possibilities open to you. After discussing what you have in mind, your dentist will arrange a meeting with a cosmetic dentist with you to further discuss what all procedure will have to followed to get you your dream smile.

Procedures to be followed before the actual makeover

Your dentist will take images and x rays of your teeth and full mouth. After taking impression of your teeth he will fill it with dental plaster to get an actual model. This model is used to get the exact look you want. The plaster is then trimmed, or added onto as desired and shown to you for your approval. Once you approve, the dentist will explain all the changes that has been suggested to the lab. The lab technicians will use the model even for crowns and veneers. Dentists even use digital images to communicate with lab technicians. Here your digital scan image will be used on the computer and the dentist will be able to show you a 3d image on the computer screen to get your in-put. Then these images will be used to make model and incorporate your in-put. In addition to ge getting the digital images, the dentist will also check for any abnormalities in your teeth structures. The dentist will incorporate your taste and the suitability with your facial and body structure that should be aesthetically pleasing.

Duration of smile makeover procedures

It depends on the work involved in preparation. Each individual has different make up of teeth and requires different treatments before finally getting the desired outcome. If you have cavities, gum disease, injuries on the face and teeth, then the dentist will have to deal with these before dealing with the shape and size of your teeth, veneers, implants or any other procedure. When the treatment starts, the dentist may be able to give you a rough estimate of time required for full makeover, but depending on the work done and patient cooperation, the treatment may get over sooner or later than scheduled.

Will the smile makeover be forever?

Yes. As long as you take care of your new found smile properly and as directed, your smile should serve you forever. Certain procedures like teeth whitening may need to be repeated from time to time, the veneers or dental implants will last for a very long time without getting them replaced.

What Changes can be made to your teeth during smile makeover?

Teeth length: Length of the teeth is important. Short and small teeth make the face aged and gives a gummy smile. Long teeth give a youthful look. The front 2 short teeth can be reshaped and the lengthened with dental veneers, or composite bonding. For gummy smiles, the cosmetic dentists may provide the treatment of gum line modification. Your cosmetic dentist may refer you to periodontist for crown lengthening. 

Smile line: This refers to an imaginary line that is created from side to side of the upper lips, which should be same as lower lips ideally. This point of reference is followed while charting your smile enroute to your smile makeover treatment.

Proportions of your teeth in relation to each other. Your teeth will be checked by the cosmetic dentist to see if they are well proportioned. By far, the most pleasing smile is considered when front two teeth are dominant and are little longer compared to width.4-to-5 is standard ratio. This ratio is followed by other teeth to create a balanced smile. If this proportion is not present on your teeth, the cosmetic dentist will adjust the teeth proportion as best as he can.

Texture and character of the teeth: There is a difference between male and female dental structures. The teeth should go hand in hand with the character of your face. The cosmetic dentist will see to it to provide appropriate character to your teeth to make them distinct from male or female.

Duration and the cost: The cost of the smile makeover depends on the extent of work involved in the whole procedure. It will vary from place to place and clinic to clinic. You will also have to find out from your dental insurance company about which procedures are insured and which are not covered by your insurance plan. Similarly, the duration also depends on which procedure is followed. For example, if you have opted for dental implants as one of the smile makeover process, then the duration will be more because you have to wait till the implant is installed in its place firmly before going further. Whereas if you opt for dental veneers, it may take very few sittings before you are ready with your dazzling smile.