Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Ooralea Dental Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth — also referred to as your “third molars” — are the final set of teeth to erupt. Typically, they’re most noticeable during the teen years and young adulthood. The average wisdom tooth is completely formed by the time a person is around 30 years of age.


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Why do My Wisdom Teeth Hurt?

Due to their location, wisdom teeth commonly press against the adjacent teeth or become lodged inside of the jaw. This can create swelling, pain, or pressure. At times when wisdom teeth erupt partially through the gums, they can be difficult to clean. As a result, they’re more prone to infections like tooth decay and gum disease.


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Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Removing your wisdom teeth is a proactive way to prevent spread of infection or damage to your neighbouring healthy teeth. Since wisdom teeth are more likely to suffer from recurring dental problems, removing them tends to be the best solution as opposed to rendering periodontal therapy or placing a restoration.

But most importantly, a wisdom tooth extraction can help you avoid unnecessary pain and swelling.


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How do Ooralea Dental make treatment comfortable?

Sedation dentistry comes in several shapes and sizes. For instances where severe dental phobia is preventing you from getting the care you need, or when more extensive dental work/surgery is required, IV sedation provides a safe and comfortable solution.

With IV sedation, you’ll feel drowsy enough that it’s almost like sleeping through your dental visit. Our patients frequently request IV sedation for therapies related to wisdom tooth extraction and dental implants, just to name a couple.

Our licensed IV dental sedation team is happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact Ooralea Dental Care today to learn more.




Don’t let wisdom teeth become a problem. The solution can give you the confidence to have a strong and happy smile once again.

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