5 ways in which cosmetic surgery improves oral health

cosmetic surgery improves oral health

Cosmetic surgery for dental care is a new branch of dentistry where people go to the dental surgeon for cosmetic dentistry. It is also called aesthetic dentistry which is mainly to improve the appearance of the people. Cosmetic dental surgery is almost same as any other cosmetic surgery like plastic surgery but in the case of dental cosmetic surgery, the person benefits not only in an improved smile and improved look, but also improved oral health.

Cosmetic dental surgery includes many treatments including, teeth whitening process, dental veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, teeth implants and teeth straightening techniques.

All these procedures are called aesthetic or cosmetic dental surgeries but in addition to improve the overall look of the face, it adds to the patient’s oral health which also helps in overall health of the person.

These are the 5 ways in which oral health gets better because of the cosmetic surgery – Implants, Crowns, Veneer, Braces, Dental bridges.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a method by which the dental surgeon will replace missing teeth by artificial teeth placed on top of the metal screws which have been inserted into the jawbone. The screw is allowed to stay there for a period of a few months so that bone tissues can grow around it and fixing it in place. After the implant is fixed in the jawbone, artificial crowns are placed on top of it to replace missing teeth.

This technique improves oral health of the patient in many ways. The patient who is suffering from infections in the teeth and gums is cured of it when the surgeon prepares the gums for insertion of the implants. All the infections in the mouth are cleared and the patient is advised to take good oral care for the procedure to succeed. Once the procedure is complete, the patient must visit the dentist for consultations required for the proper care of the implants. Strict oral care regime must be followed for the success of the dental implants and in doing so, the oral health is looked after well, which will improve dental health and overall health of the patient.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are a form of cosmetic surgery which is carried out on people who have teeth which are stained or not properly aligned with each other in a line to make them look straight and white. They are thin, wafer like slices porcelain, made to order to be fitted onto the outer surface of the teeth. They are used to close the gaps between teeth, or for repairing broken or chipped teeth. The veneer is bonded to the front of the tooth by scrapping a slight portion of enamel from the front and bonding the veneer with dental glue.

Veneers are very useful for improving oral health. The gaps between teeth can be closed with the veneer which will stop the food from getting in between the teeth and building plaque. Also, when veneers are to be applied, the dentist advises proper care of the teeth and shows oral health guidelines which must be followed by the patient. Improved dental care results in good oral health because of the surgery.

Dental crowns

Crowns are basically caps that cover the entire are of the visible tooth. The surgeon gets them made when a patient has had dental implants, or when the patient has broken tooth, or a tooth that has had the cavity and is now cleaned and filled with dental filling.

When a tooth gets infected with bacterial growth, the dentist must remove the infection and debris from root canal, and fill the cavity with a filling, which may stand out and become visible to others. To conceal the filling, the dental surgeon gets the crown made to order according to fit and fixes it on top of the filled tooth.

Crowns are also used when a tooth has cracked beyond repair and needs to be held in place. A crown on top of the cracked or broken tooth improves the look of the tooth and allows for a better smile. The whole procedure requires the dentist to clean the mouth and remove any debris from the work that has been carried out in the mouth.

A strict oral care procedure must be followed by the patient to keep the mouth clean and prevent reinfection.


Bridges are the best way to fill gaps in the mouth created by missing teeth.  Two teeth on either side are connected by a false tooth filling the gap of missing tooth or teeth are called bridges. These bridges are made of metal bonded to porcelain. They are fixed and cannot be removed for cleaning like dentures.

Missing teeth does not make for a beautiful smile. In addition to getting a more pleasant smile, bridges also help in better oral health because there are less chances of resorption of bone from missing teeth if bridges can take its place. The missing tooth must be replaced because when teeth are missing, there is more pressure built on the remaining teeth and the possibility of other teeth getting affected becomes more. There are more problems of getting the fillings being dislodged if many teeth are missing.

Bridges are the most common alternative to dentures, as some people do not like dentures.

Bridges make the mouth look beautiful because teeth are fixed. They improv dental health because it is very important to clean the surface between the artificial tooth and the jawbone. They also help in prevention of jawbone being resorbed and hence adds beauty to the contour of the face. Oral health is improved by getting the teeth cleaned before and during surgery.


When the upper and lower teeth do not meet while chewing or biting, they are said to have incorrect bite. Incorrect bite may be created by missing teeth which have not been replaced. There are people who have crooked line of teeth which create incorrect bite.

When individuals display incorrect bite, they need to straighten their teeth to correct the bite. The incorrect bite does not make for a beautiful smile and may also lead to sagging face and droopy smile. Sometimes they also may cause headaches and neckaches.

Apart from crowns and veneers orthodontic treatment can cure incorrect bite. Orthodontic treatment is available for all ages after full set of teeth have appeared. After the orthodontic treatment which considered cosmetic treatment, the individual has pleasant smile which increases the overall good appearance of the person.

All these cosmetic dental surgeries help in good oral health because before the treatment, the dentist clean the mouth to get rid of bacteria and plaque and after the treatment there is an added incentive to keep good oral health to keep the pleasant smile on.


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