Smile Makeover Options That Can Make You Look Youthful

smile makeover options

Who doesn’t want to look younger and more beautiful? A smile makeover can transform your life for the better in more ways than one. A better smile can add to your life many years. Almost all of us deal with dental health issues during our lifetimes. Year by year, as, we grow older, our teeth also become older and may give us cause for worry. If we have not dealt with our dental issues earlier than now is not late. You can have a better smile almost any time of your life. There are ways to deal with your smile makeovers with your dentist.

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is about getting a gorgeous smile that you can be proud of, with the help of your dentist. Sometimes you are born with a smile that is not exactly beautiful. Sometimes, you have been neglecting your smile, and you end up with a bad smile. The people who help you to get a smile makeover are referred to as cosmetic dentists. The cosmetic dentists will present you with options for smile makeovers that is possible for you and help you decide on one procedure. You have to decide on a procedure with consultation of your dentist because each individual has a specific dental structure and have personal needs based on their lifestyle and their needs. Because of this each person gets a different combination of treatment to get the smile of their dreams.

Hundreds of people all over the world visit their dentist to get the best smile possible for themselves.

What are smile makeover options?

  • Fixing broken teeth

A broken tooth is one of the many things that makes your smiles hesitant. There are various reasons for broken teeth but the effect it has on smiling is universal and that is lack of confidence. Broken teeth is a hindrance for a beautiful smile. A dental facility has many options to correct and treat it.

One of the common solutions to broken tooth is to cap and crown which is very convenient and offers to cover the entire broken portion effectively.

Veneers are thin porcelain or resin shells that cover the entire tooth. It is another option for broken teeth. It is very popular option for improving smile. This option is famous for its dual purpose namely cosmetic and restorative.

Dental implant is an artificial root on which a crown is fixed after a specific procedure. It is an option for broken teeth which is cosmetic and restorative at the same time. It is little expensive and is opted for by people who can afford it to have a better smile.

Bonding is a cheaper option consisting of composite material chip to correct and improve broken tooth.

  • Replacing fillings

Dental fillings are used to fill a cavity created by tooth decay. Dental fillings are long lasting but eventually they need to be replaced after many years of wear and tear. There is a variety of dental fillings available. They include amalgam, porcelain, and resin and glass ionomers. Dental fillings can make a difference in the way your teeth look. The latest development in materials available help in improving the smile by filling the teeth with natural looking tooth-coloured fillings, like glass ionomers, which looks like natural tooth to increase the beauty of the smile.

  • Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening systems used to whiten the discoloured teeth is a very good option to improve a reluctant smile. There are many materials available to whiten the teeth with option for professional whitening done in the dentist’s office and over the counter products for use. The products available over the counter to whiten the teeth include toothpastes, gels, rinses, strips and trays with a variety of methods to use them. The products will have effect depending on the extent of your stains.

The over the counter products are supposed to be used for many days to have an effect. Among these products, the trays are more popular because they have longer lasting effects than other products. These products are a help in improving the smile for a few months, but teeth whitening done in the dentist office has a longer lasting effects and lasts for many months. The cosmetic dentist will advise you as to what products will serve your needs best and what are the options available for your specific needs. Your dentist will also advise if you can opt for whitening your teeth keeping in mind your age, your health issues and allergies.

  • Minding tooth gap

Even if you are a diehard dental and oral care person, you may require help in improving your smile because you have gaps between your teeth which hinder a beautiful smile. Your cosmetic dentist will help you in minding the gap. The dentist may use bonding material like resin to close the gap between teeth.

Veneers can also be used to close the gap. Another option is closing the gap with orthodontic treatment using braces which will move the teeth close to each other and close the gap between them.

  • Correcting gum disease

Gum diseases bring on pain and decay. It is vital to clear the infection that causes gum diseases. Your dentist will be able to help by getting periodontal treatment done.

Unless gum disease is treated you cannot have a natural beautiful smile. Get yourself checked for the disease and get proper treatment for the same.

Smile makeovers can do wonders for your personality. The look of your teeth which has been improved by smile makeover technology will result in impressive smile to boost your self confidence. The increased self confidence will result in better interpersonal relationship which will further help you. The smile makeover technology which is basically cosmetic dentistry is being used by millions all over the world, especially by people who are in public eye, or who have to make public appearances with regard to their occupations.