Pain Free Dentistry

Many people suffer from anxiety when considering a visit to a dentist. As a result, both dental and general health can suffer. Our dentists are very considerate and gentle. They take the time to understand any concerns you may have in relation to your treatment and are trained in providing you with the following pain free dentistry treatment options to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

Local Anaesthesia

Our dentists use a topical anaesthetic gel which significantly reduces any pain/discomfort of local anaesthetic.

Inhalation Sedation/Happy Gas (Nitrous oxide + Oxygen)

Sedation can be administered by a dentist who has had additional post-graduate training. We can provide happy gas to reduce the pain perception and manage your anxiety so that you have a more pleasant experience. It’s well tolerated by many people and it is easy to reverse the action quickly. This can be used for simple procedures like scaling and polishing of teeth, to complex procedures like wisdom teeth extractions.

General Anaesthesia

General anaesthetic can be administered by an Anaesthetist at Mackay Mater Hospital alongside the dentist and nurse who work together as a team to provide a high standard of care in a safe environment.

General anaesthesia may be recommended for patients who are extremely frightened, anxious or uncooperative. A general anaesthetic allows the dentist to work longer and complete more treatment in one appointment. This reduces the number of visits and provides a more comfortable experience. Commonly very young children who need extensive dental work or adults who require multiple extractions or fillings can undergo treatment under general anaesthetic.

We take pain free dentistry at Ooralea Dental care seriously. Contact us today so that we can work with you to make an individual plan that works just for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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