What Types Of Dentures Are There?

A full denture is one that replaces all of the natural teeth in either the upper or lower jaws. It provides support

for cheeks and lips. Without this support, sagging facial muscles can make a person appear older and reduce their ability to eat and speak. The gums also shrink over a period of time and this causes a denture to become loose and poorly fitting. For this reason, dentures should be replaced to maintain optimal fit, function and appearance.

A partial denture is a relatively simple way to replace missing teeth in an aesthetic and functional manner to match your remaining teeth and complement your individual appearance. They are attached to your natural teeth with metal clasps and rests, tooth coloured clasps or precision attachments to help secure the denture firmly in your mouth. They are specially designed and custom fitted to the individual.

The process of making partial dentures may require some minor tooth modifications to ensure that the dentures fit correctly and comfortably. Only your dentist can perform any preparation of your teeth to achieve the optimal result.

Full and partial dentures can be made in many different ways depending on the individual.

Your Denture Appointment With Ooralea Dental Care

Ooralea Dental Care ensures that you have the best fitting and longest lasting dentures possible. We thoroughly check all remaining teeth with xrays to confirm they are strong and healthy and that the treatment will work optimally.

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